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The grocery game is nothing to be proud of in Iceland. You will probably miss this from home.


Bónus and Krónan er the two big budget stores. Krónan has more specialty products and more emphasis on presentation in stores that are big. Bónus has more locations with more numerous smaller-scale ones.

There is also a Costco by the IKEA in Garðabær, but they run a franchise arrangement where you will need to become a member to shop there (in bulk!). Icelanders went absolutely nuts when they opened a few years ago. IKEA also have a budget mini-market after checkout.

Other budget picks: Nettó, Super1 (newcomer),


Hagkaup is upscale and pack a wider range of products. This is perhaps the only place with a butcher’s counter and cheesemonger. Some Hagkaup stores have been around for quite a long time. They stock arts and crafts, toys and kitchen things too.

Melabúðin, perhaps even Fjarðarkaup in Hafnarfjörður, are worth a visit. These stores are single location and seem to have more curation of produce and service.


Krambúðin are corner shops all over town. Many gas stations have some necessities too. Independently run corner shops used to be an interesting Icelandic subculture when video rentals were lively. Only a few survive in Miðbær.




Heimkaup and Netto are the primary home delivery grocery stores. Krónan will launch an app with an online store soon.

Some stores have half-baked online solutions.