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Driver’s license

If you have a driving licence from an EEA country you can drive in Iceland using your foriegn licence for the first 6 months. It's a good idea to trade in your driver's licence for an Icelandic one as soon as possible. This will likely be your main physical Icelandic ID.

Trading a foreign license

You can trade in your driving licence at Sýslumaðurinn (The office of the district magistrate). Go to your local branch to fill in the required form. Alternatively, you can email or call +354 458 2000.

An application usually includes:

  • A 35x45 mm photograph of the applicant.
  • The foreign driver’s license.
  • A statement of good health or a health certificate.


If you require glasses to drive, you may need to get a note from a doctor to confirm your vision is adequate for driving.